Friday, November 24, 2017

An Easy and Inexpensive Christmas Gift for Coworkers, Neighbors, or Friends

Every year, I try to find something for my close coworkers and a few neighbors that is nice but won't break the bank. I saw this idea at a boutique but it was Thanksgiving/autumn mitts, so I thought I'd look around to find some that are nice for all year. I also used music ribbon and made my own tags to give it a music twist.

Dollar Tree had these nice mitts with great saying on them and they are only $1! You can't beat that! BTW- you can order from dollar tree online if you are willing to get a case of 12 and have it sent to the store close to you for free (home sweet home mitt and the second one in the picture is not on there).

I bought cookie mixes at Walmart. These Betty Crocker mixes are thin enough to easily fit into the mitt. They were $1.82. There were many different kinds.

I got some shredded red and white decorative filler at dollar tree for $1. I just use a small amount in the front of the mitt by the candy for decoration.

I got some small chocolates at Walmart. I will use 5 with each mitt.

Sam's Club has this wonderful ribbon every year (it only cost around $7 for 50 yards!) but you could get ribbon at a good price in many places, such as Costco or Walmart.

I put the cookie mix into the mitt, got some cellophane that I had in my basement for baskets and cut it in half. I just taped the back of the cellophane to make it work. You can get large basket cellophane bags (6  to a pack for $5.99 at Hobby Lobby- Search for "cello basket bags" and don't forget to use a 40% off coupon while you are there!). Just cut them in half to get two out of each bag or just forget the cellophane and put the candies and decorative stuff into your mitt and simplify. I just put the mitt inside the half bag and then folded the cut edge to the back and used some clear tape on the seam. I then tied the ribbon on the top and cut the edges of the ribbon at an angle. 

I made these tags for coworkers and made it different for some close neighbors. EDIT: I just added a third page of tags for friends. Later, I added one for family, in case you need a small gift when visiting your aunt or someone. Just print onto card stock and then cut around the heart. I just taped them onto the front of the cellophane.

The total price for these gifts was less than $5. You can't beat that! Have fun making these and I hope your co-workers and neighbors enjoy! Get the four different pages with 5 on a page tags here. 

If you need gifts for your choir or music students, check out my Music Joke Gift bookmarks you can make and give to your students or they can make for family members!

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