Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#whyiteachmusic: Great Stories that Motivate

I was part of a blog hop last week where people wrote stories of why they teach music. I was so fun to read the stories on my blog post and the other 7 bloggers. I'd like to share some of my favorite comments. 

Read to the end to see the giveaway winners. 

I choose some of my favorites posts about why people teach music. Read on!

"It was my love of early childhood music that launched me into music education! Seeing how musical little ones are is such an inspiration!"

"I teach music because my music teacher believed in me when I did not believe in myself. I love seeing my students when the lightbulb that goes on in their eyes when they master a new concept. My kiddos feel so proud and accomplished when they do something they could not do before."

"I've had some similar experiences of students refusing to sing in kdgn, graduated to a whisper in my ear in first grade, gradually making progress to singing. A couple of twins that started their journey in kdgn grew to audition and sing beautifully in a 4th grade community children's choir. All the individual journeys create special rewards for me."

That is just a little inspiration we got from our blog post. Be sure to read some the other blogs to read some more inspiration. 

The winner of my Vocal Play Bubble Magic Mike is Jenny Trites. Check your email for a message from me :)

 There were seven other winners too! If you see your name below, check your email (the one you used to enter) for a message about your prize!

Organized Chaos: Michaela Gibbons
O for Tuna Orff: Christy Gibson 
Music with Mrs. Tanenblatt: Dan Leopold 
Sing to Kids: Becca Fiscus
Sing Play Creatively: Brooke Chamberlain 
Music Teaching and Parenting: Blanca InezSuzanne Fleischmann Bishop
Sally's Sea of Songs: Erin Scharman Middelhoven

I hope you enjoyed reading about why we all teach music and got some inspiration to keep you going!