Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Music Education Blog Carnival

I am excited to be the host of the blog carnival with great posts from April. 

First, check out my friend Shelley's post about Music Teacher First Year Flashbacks.  She will be doing a series of posts about how she and other teachers did their first year of teaching. 

I also linked with Shelley to tell you about my first year in teaching. Read my post titled, "Music First Year Teacher Flashback". 

Next, check out David's (Make Moments Matter) post on using colored paper clips for form and classroom management. What a clever idea! Read his post titled, "Link up! Cumluative Form and Classroom Management". 

Check out Elizabeth's post from "Organized Chaos" on lesson ideas for the end of the year. She gives several ideas such as Hula Hoop conductor, Soundscapes,  Going Downtown, and Silly Sounds. Those names just make you curious. What fun ideas! Check out her post titled, "Elementary Music" Lesson Ideas for the End of the Year". 

Check out Mrs King's blog post about making a fun teacher appreciation gift using a 2 liter pop bottle. She always has such clever ideas! Check out "A Popular Teacher Appreciation Idea"! 

I have always LOVED crafts and Jennifer of Music Educator Resources has a wonderful post about music crafts that kids can make. I love it and am excited to try some of these. Check out her post titled, "Music Crafts For Your Group Activities". 

I am also excited to have you read my friend Jennifer Hibbard's post on her blog, "The Yellow brick Road". She has written a post about doing Maypole activities. What a fun activity for this month! Check out her post named, "All Around the Maypole". 

Finally, I am excited to share Jennifer's post from her blog "Sing to Kids" about children's literature in the music classroom. I love sharing fun books that relate to music and she has some fabulous ideas! Be sure to read her post titled, "Children's Literature: Spring into music". 

I hope you have enjoyed reading these fantastic posts! If you want to read blog carnivals from prior months or to know how to host the blog carnival click here. 


  1. Replies
    1. You are welcome! I loved reading about your Maypole activities!

  2. I just made it over here from Shelley's site, reading all these various carnival posts. Pretty cool system you've got going on here, trading the rounds. Jennifer's music crafts post took me back to making macaroni shakers in sunday school! Good stuff here, thanks for sharing it al.