Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goals for 2016

I am linking up with Aileen Miracle to share some goals for this year. Here are a few of my goals.

Personal: Spend more time with family

I am So busy with my crazy school schedule, as well as trying to add my classroom ideas to teacherspayteachers that I get too busy. I plan to work even harder to set aside time for family that is uninterrupted and to be sure I schedule regular time with family members, such as my grown kids and their spouses and the grandchildren, who are also very busy. This is a family picture from my son's wedding this summer.

Health: Focus on healthy eating

I have made a conscious effort in the past 3 years to focus on my health. It is paying off in many ways. I lost 35 lbs and have mostly kept it off. I plan to continue to focus on my health by working hard to eat healthy. I follow several healthy pages on facebook and recently bought the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. It is just recipes for healthy eating.

Classroom: Love those kids who are challenging even more

I teacher in a Title 1-low income school. I have some very challenging kids. The more I live and teacher, the more I realize that those who are the most challenging are the ones who most need our love. It is very hard to not get angry or impatient when "that kid" who always causes problems does it every time you see him or her. I am going to make it my goal to be extra nice, to try to win the trust of those challenging kids, and to love them even more to see if I can make a difference. I believe that long term, most kids may not remember exactly what they learned, but they will remember how they felt and how you treated them.

Blog/TPT: Continue to update and revise old files

I plan to continue to focus on upgrading some of my old files. I have gotten better at making my files even more useful and easier to navigate. Did you know you can go to "my Purchases" under "My TPT" in the top right corner of TPT to go to your purchases. It comes up to "recently purchased", but you can click on that to change it to "recently revised" to find the files that TPTers have revised. You can do the same thing under your "Free Downloads". I revise things all of the time to make them better and I know others do too. I just went to my free downloads to see things recently revised and there are TONS of them! 

I just finished revising my Chinese New Year packet. If you have it already, be sure to download in your purchases or you can purchase it December 31st or January 1st at 20% off since my whole store will be on sale then.
I am so excited about my drumming packs and plan to make some more in the new year, especially ones to go with topics from the regular classroom. That way, my kids can learn music and connect with their other subjects, while also having fun. Here is one that teaches about outer space. 

I hope you have a wonderful New Year and that you can set and achieve some of your goals!

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Flameless Candle Giveaway

These are so darling and my students loved them today. We are working on getting songs ready for a Christmas assembly and every student sang in anticipation of getting to hold these magical color changing flameless candles.

I found some more today and am giving away 2 sets of 3. This giveaway will only last until friday night at midnight Mountain time (2 am Eastern Saturday) so I can send them out by priority mail to get them to you in time to use them the last week of school before Christmas. Enter Below by clicking on the link to win a set of three flameless candle toy soldiers.

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