Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Favorite Holiday Memory

One of my favorite holiday memories is making little crafts or gifts during Christmas time as gifts for others. I still enjoy doing that for my neighbors or my students. 

Since I teach over 500 students, I now only make a small gift for every member of my choir at school. At the end of my Christmas concert, I give them something fun that they will enjoy but doesn't break the bank since I have about 70 choir kids. 

During choir, we have a break where we tell jokes and kids just love corny jokes, so I decided to make them a joke bookmark. It is practical and fun! 

I added a warhead candy cane (sour but the candy cane is just a little sour and plenty sweet, unlike the warheads candy) and put it into a bag with a header to make it extra fun. The warheads candy canes were only 17 cents each at Walmart. They will love it! 

This could also be a project for your student to give as a gift for parents or siblings. Print them on card stock. They just color the bookmark and cut it out. You could laminate it for durability. They then punch a hole and insert ribbon. 

If you like this and want some more joke bookmarks, plus editable toppers for adding your own special note, you can find the full set here

Friday, November 20, 2015

A Fun Book for Thanksgiving

 I love it when I find a great book with fantastic artwork that the kids love.

I sing this to the tune of what we used to call "Ten Little Indians". It sings about pilgrims, the Wampanoag, turkeys, and the things the kids would do to help get ready for the feast. I love that the artwork is beautiful, and I love that even though they probably didn't eat turkey at the first Thanksgiving, it gives lot of other more realistic example of what they ate and how they had to hunt, fish, and gather their food