Thursday, September 3, 2015

September Small Goals

I have never joined "The Yellow Brick Road's" small goals posts, probably because I have had too much going on, so this is a first. Read mine and then head to her blog to read hers and some other fabulous teachers' small goals.

1. Get lesson plans for the next day done in less time frame- I have had a goal of getting my lesson plans for the week done before the week even starts, but to me, that is so overwhelming. My goal for this month is to focus and not be so distracted while doing lesson plans and get them done in much less time. It works best for me to do them a little at a time, mostly the day/night before, but I am going to try, as much as possible, to get them done during planning time or if I have to do them at home, focus on doing them early and not while watching tv. If I do that, I find that I get them done more quickly and then I can focus on other things I need or want to do. 

2. Make a conscious effort to smile more- I think I smile at kids a reasonable amount of time then they are outside the classroom, but I need to work on smiling even more inside the classroom. I get intense when working on serious things and want to make an effort to relax and smile more. I believe it will make me and the students happier. :-)

3. Make a goal a week to upgrade or make a new thing to use and for my store- I get so busy in school and I have so many ideas of things I want/need that I get paralyzed. I just need to make a small goal each week to upgrade or make something new. This week, I'm working on a packet I made last year at Halloween that I am just not happy with. I make it inactive since I wasn't happy and am now working on upgrading clipart, adding a small reader, a coloring book, and some vocal play puppets. Keep your eyes out for "Heigh Ho, It's Halloween". 

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