Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Superhero Theme for the Year

Every year, I do a theme of the year and this year, all of the specialty teachers, as we are called at our school will be doing a superhero theme.

My person of the day will be called the "Superhero of the Day" and will wear a cape and superhero mask. I found lots of cute choices on etsy. Of course, I bought one for me so I can dress up as a superhero for Halloween! Picture coming! My new in-law from my son's wedding made me girl and boy superhero capes that are darling. I took a picture of her and daughter with the capes on.

My person of the day does the following:

He or she:

1. Gets to sit on the music VIP chair for the class period
2. Gets to get our our classroom management incentive chart
3. Gets to get unlimited drinks (I normally only let kids get drinks during a game at the end of class)
4. Gets to go to the bathroom without asking (I normally only let kids go if it is a severe emergency)
5. Get's to be the first person to take a turn for any activity we do- first game leader, etc.
6. Gets to be the first vocal play leader
7. Gets to wear my costume for the year

I found some cute puppets that only the Superhero of the day will get to use. They even come with a cape!

Get the boy puppet HERE.

I will start off the year with the students making their card and reading some superhero books to get them excited about being a superhero in the way they act and do music.

We will be reading these books. Click on the books to check them out.

My large bulletin board outside my room is my "Music is my superpower" bulletin board but could also be put onto a wall in or outside the classroom.

Music is My Superpower Bulletin Board

Inside my classroom, I have a Superhero of the day Bulletin Board. Each student fills out a Superhero of the day card by putting his or her name and drawing a picture of something he or she can do in the classroom or outside of it that is super. I put those cards into a pocket with each teacher's name and choose a student each day. A student will get 2 to 3 turns a year with  big class sizes.

I made superhero solfa (solfege) signs to post in the room for 1 and 2 hands, plus 3 skin tones.

I have made superhero classroom management caught you cards (caught you being a super singer, super game player, super rhythm reader, super song starter, and super musician. I also have 5 different classroom management behavior incentive charts that in both color and black and white. The next file is a powerpoint version of the charts so you can put the class name in them. I just notice great behaviors, give out caught you cards and then punch the numbers on the classroom management card at the end of class..

The superhero caught you cards storage box

1 of many caught you cards for rewarding great musical behavior

1 of 5 different classroom management behavior charts for rewarding great behavior

I have made classroom management superhero spray labels for super singer, super solfa, super note reader, super rhythm reader, and super musician spray, plus music superpower hand sanitizer and mystery superhero can labels for choosing a mystery person that you watch for the period and reward for good behavior.

Get the the classroom management behavior incenter labels and station labels (below) Here. 

One of 5 stations in my room with superhero labels

I have each row go to a station when they  need to get materials or put away papers. At each station, I have a crate, write on/wipe off music board I got from West Music. a pencil tray with pencils on which I have marked music notes in sharpie marker to keep track of my pencils, boxes of crayons for coloring projects, clip boards on top for doing written work, and a tray to the left for putting finished papers. As kindergarteners, we practice station procedure, which is going to the station quietly, lining up and waiting patiently for our turn to get materials. It is amazing how well this works. I often have the papers at my desk, so a student will get materials and then come to my desk to get the paper needed.

I just added some more bright station labels after I saw the nice bright crates at Walmart that only cost a few dollars each! I love the bright colors!

I have fun quote posters to put up on the wall too. Our school motto is to be safe, be respectful, be responsible, so that is one of my posters. See the posters here.

Get it all HERE.