Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wish and Dish Linky Party

Wish & Dish Linky Party

Today I am linking up with Music A La Abbott & Mrs. Miracle's Music Room to highlight some products that are great for the Back To School season.

I'm going to share with you some of the resources that I love today. After that, I'll tell you how to "dish" on all your previous purchases--that is, leave feedback for things that you've bought on TpT.  Did you know that when you leave feedback you earn credit to apply to future purchases?!  Super cool!  

First, here are some of my favorite resources!  This includes three parts: a product from my store, something from another music teacher, and then something from a non-music seller that I'm excited about.

First, I will tell you about a resource of mine. I have spent all summer working on my theme of the year, Superheroes, and I am so excited to share it and use it this year!  There are 11 different files, including some editable files. Go this my blog post to read more about it.

Get the set HERE.

It includes (more details on my blog):
  • Preview pictures of each of 11 files
  • Music is my super power bulletin board
  • Buildings, both large and small to be used on both the Music is My Superpower bulletin board and the Superhero of the day bulletin board
  • Superhero of the Day Bulletin Board
  • Superhero of the Day pockets in 6 colors editable in Powerpoint
  • Handsign posters are solfa (solfege) do through do’ in 3 skin tones colors
  • Superhero positive classroom management tools
  • Superhero positive classroom management tools
  • Superhero labels
  • Superhero Station Labels
  • Superhero Quote Posters 
Next, I am excited about a resource of my friend, Darlene Abbott, from Music Moms. She has a Music Chef game that you can play in 3 different ways that teaches 8 different styles of music, plus music symbols. You can't beat a game that is so versatile! Get it for 28% off during the sale (don't forget top put your special TPT code (BTS15) in. 

Finally, you already know that I LOVE Educlips' clipart. I am excited to use this set in my 600 follower freebie. You can NEVER go wrong with her clipart. It is so darling! Check out here store and watch for this cute clipart to show up in my 600 TPT follower freebie. I can finish it now that my son's wedding is over. Look at a cute pictures from the wedding at the bottom of this post! I got my 600 follower bubble spots freebie made! Get it HERE!

Finally, be sure to dish about your purchases. I am proud to say that I caught up on my feedback on all of my purchases. After the BTS sale, I will have more to do, but it is easy if you do it when you only have a few! 

First, go to the top of your menu bar on your TpT home page to where it says "My TpT", using the pull down menu select "My Purchases"

From there, you can sort your previous purchases.  I always select "Needs Feedback" and that allows me to have the ones that need feedback sorted out and easier to find.

All summer, I have been helping to plan my son's wedding. It finally happened yesterday and we are so happy for he and his new wife and so pleased with how it al turned out!  Here are some cute pictures from the wedding that someone took with a cell phone! 

Eric and Ale, right after the wedding ceremony

 The Seamons family with my Sister and her husband

Eric and Ale with the nieces and nephews


  1. So happy to hear that the wedding went well! The pics are beautiful!!!
    Good luck with the sale! :)

    1. Thanks, Aileen! So glad it is over, but we are now leaving for Columbus tomorrow morning. Then I will return with 3 days left before school meetings start and tons of stuff to clean up and set up in my room. Where did the summer go???