Monday, June 8, 2015

My VIP Chair

Every year, I do a theme of the year and I have a person of the day and my special person sits in my VIP chair.

Some of my themes have been:

Traveler of the day (world music theme)
Citizen of the day (bucket filling character theme)
Superhero of the day (all things superhero)
First Mate (or captain) of the day 

A couple of years ago, I went to the local thrift store and found an old tall chair, painted it to make it my music VIP chair. It has been a big hit, but it is getting worn. I plan to repaint it this year to make it beautiful again. Be sure to sand it, put on a couple of coats, and then put a protective coating over it. I used vinyl music notes, but the kids tend to pick those off over time, so I may just get a stencil or freehand it this time.  It makes the kids feel so special.

What does my person of the day do? 

He or she:

1. Gets to sit on the music VIP chair for the class period
2. Gets to get out our behavior incentive chart that goes along with my theme
3. Gets to get unlimited drinks. (I normally only let kids get drinks during a game at the end of class.)
4. Gets to go to the bathroom once without asking (I normally don't let kids go to the bathroom unless it is an emergency.)
5. Gets to be the first person to take a turn for any activity we do (first game leader, etc.)
6. Gets  to be the first vocal play leader
7. Gets to wear my costume for the year-
            Sheriff of the day(cowboy hat and coat)
            Traveler of the day ( Choice of Chinese coat or Mexican poncho)
            Citizen of the day (peace sign glasses)
            Superhero of the day (cape and superhero masks)
            First Mate- I got a pirate hook hand (for only while sitting), an eye patch, and a foam hat from amazon.

I choose my person of the day by pulling a card from the person of the day board. Here is the board for my superhero theme. 
Superhero of the Day Bulletin Board

Read about some of my themes of the year I have done.

Around the World
Bucket Filler Character Theme
Superhero Theme
Pirate Theme

Maybe you can make a special chair for your students to use!  


  1. I love this chair!!! I've been looking at yard sales for a great chair to paint and personalize. Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank YOU for having the linky! It is so fun for the kids to have a special chair. Even the big kids love sitting in it!

  2. GREAT idea!!! I wonder if you used modge podge over your vinyl music notes and lettering (you could maybe print off colorful letters, stick them on with modge podge and then cover them with a couple of coats....) Just a thought! I made what seemed like hundreds of bathroom, nurses and hall passes for my school and used modge podge to cover the 'stickers' that I made for each of the passes. They lasted the entire year without getting least those that didn't end up in places we will not mention in the bathroom....ugh!!!

    1. That is a great idea, Debbie! I even have modge podge around my house that is pretty new. I will try it and get back to you on whether it works!