Saturday, May 9, 2015

Five Favorite Music Freebies LINKY

In the middle of a super crazy end of the year time, I am linking up with Noteworthy by Jen to tell you about five of my favorite music freebies.

I love doing vocal play with my kiddos to help develop their voice. Salley Utley, of Sally' s Sea of Songs, has this wonderful set of automated vocal play. Your students follow the motion with their voice. It also has a worksheet to print out, so students can write their own vocal play. Get it here.

Recently, Jennifer Hibbard of the Yellow Brick Road and Melody Payne wrote a wonderful TPT buyer's guide. I wish I had had this when I started buying on teacherspayteacher! It walks you through the best way to get navigate the whole system.  Get it in either store here or here.

I have always been fascinated with centers and need to work on using more of them. Jennifer Bailey of SingtoKids has a centers freebie that gives you some ideas of things you can do to get started. Get it here.

My friend, Melissa Stouffer at Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room, has a darling file called Naughty Kitty Cat for teaching ta rest. It is so cute! My kiddos will love this. I love how she teaches the ta rest with the disappearing cat picture. I really like how she has a worksheet to solidify the learning! I also love how she uses both the American "Naught Kitty Cat" version and the "Naught Pussy Cat" version for others around the world. Check it out here.

I will plug one of my own favorite freebies. This is a work of love of over 4 year's work. I have a black belt recorder program that I use with my 5th graders at my low income Title One school. They are SO motivated by this. I have seen miracles of kids whose learning desires have just been ignited by this program. It isn't about pushing them along, but it is about lighting a fire under them. One boy was in our school's behavior unit (the district sends kids who are REALLY challenging to our school for a special program. This boy was originally in our school and came out of the behavior unit. He has been so happy since he learned to play the recorder. He finished his black belt and has been so excited to keep going. He even showed up at 8:00 am (school starts at 8:30) to pass off songs! Get it here.

Be sure to to to go to Jen's Blog "Noteworthy by Jen" to find out about more teachers' favorite freebies! 

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