Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Teachers are Heroes Sale!

I am actually in Disneyland for a couple days but wanted to link up with Aileen Miracles blog!

This is a great time to get things on your wish list! I will tell you about 1 product of mine that I hope you'l check out, one product in another person's store, and one set of clip art that I love.

My product:

A really fun thing I do in Kindergarten is my teddy bear picnic. They absolutely love doing this and it ends up being a highlight of their year.

These kids are 4th graders now. So cute!

This pack works for music and regular classes. It has a perfect balance of music, activities, snacks, center ideas, and crafts. 

Another seller's product:

I am very excited to do this activity with my 6th graders near the end of the year. This is a comprehensive Science of Sound pack that has so many fun, and interactive things in it. I am SO impressed with Pitch publication's Science of Sound Energy File. 

Some clip art:

I LOVE the clip art of Educlips! I bought her nursery rhyme clip art a while ago and am looking forward to making some things to go with it. I feel strongly that every child should be familiar with the nursery rhymes. So watch for some fun things to come using her wonderful clip art. She has ten different sets. 

Now off to get some things from my wish list!

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