Sunday, January 4, 2015

Follower and Feedback Frenzy

Happy New Year!!

I don't know about you, but the holidays went way too fast! It was crazy around here. I had my son, his wife and 4 kids staying at our house almost the whole break. It was fun, but I am ready to get back into a routine!

I am teaming up with some other fabulous music teacher friends to give away a $10 credit to our stores!  
Keep Reading!  You will be rewarded with a wonderful Giveaway at the end!

Following {Why and How}

Why Follow Me on my BlogTPT, or facebook. :
  1. Follower Freebies - I will be straight up honest here: freebies are why I start following most of the sellers I follow.  Who doesn't like free stuff?  I do different freebies on Facebook and TpT so follow me both places!  Often, I post a product announcement on Facebook before TPT sends out the new product email.  (Remember, most products are 50% off for 48 hours!).  
  2. Follower flash freebies- I sometimes do a flash freebie on old and new products for a short time. You will only see those on facebook. The best way to go to my page. Once you have clicked the "like" button, there is an arrow beside it that has notifications. If you click on "get notifications" you will get immediate notice of freebies and new products or revision notifications of products you have already purchased. 

Feedback {Why and How}

As you will see below, I am giving you some major entries to my giveaway for going back and leaving feedback on some of my products you are enjoying.  I know I get behind leaving feedback for my purchases, and I used some of my free time during the break to catch up!

Why Leave Feedback?
  1. Money, Money, Money! - You get TpT credits and these really rack up!  I actually got my latest purchase on TpT for FREE because I took the time to catch up on my feedback. 
  2. Help Sellers - When you leave feedback, it helps us improve our products or know what products buyers are really interested in.  Really love that worksheet or game you bought? Let us know! Maybe we have a few more up our sleeves and just need that extra incentive to get it posted!
  3. Help Buyers - I know I have been on the fence a few times about a purchase and really take the time to read the reviews.  When I see several 4 star ratings and detailed comments, I am ready to buy that product for my own classroom.
  4. DID I MENTION FREE MONEY!?1? -  See #1 - not gonna lie, biggest motivator for me! (Thank you TpT for credits!).  
5 years ago, I started teaching full time at an elementary school. A mentor teacher had this black belt idea that I have tweaked and added tons more to. The FREE black belt system is part of my best selling and very motivational Recorder Mega Pack. In the black belt system, I have info on how I organize everything and run the program. 

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If you are a music blogger and want to join the Giveaway Linky party, here are the directions:

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2.) Blog why feedback and followers are important to you.

3.) Plan your giveaway for $10 credit to your store.
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Questions? Comment below!  I wish you the best of luck!

Linda Seamons, Floating Down the River and elementary music teacher


  1. I've really enjoyed your Recorder Mega Pack. I have some classes with a high concentration of GATE kids, and they seem excited about having the opportunity to try some "bonus" songs after they finish their black belts this year. Thank you for the great resource! And thank you for hosting this giveaway!

    1. My kids, especially those high ones, absolutely LOVE the extra songs. I have one boy who has filled up his whole extra recorder chart in 1 term. Yikes. I will now print the master recorder chart, but at the rate he is going, I need to start working on more songs!

  2. I do a pretty good job completing feedback but I've been double checking anyway. Just broke open your "Recorder Black Belt System" to start 'c' this week--so many great new ideas to try!!

    1. I hope you enjoy it! My kids love it.

  3. Just downloaded the "Recorder Black Belt System". I am looking forward to going through it and updating what I already use in my classroom! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  4. Thanks for doing this--it's the first time I've heard about your store and I'm always looking for good music stores to follow. I am also a music seller on TPT. I would be interested in teaming up with a giveaway in the future!

    1. Jen, all of the giveaway people are part of a TPT sellers group that is fantastic, as far as collaboration. Look up Mrs. Miracle's Music Room and ask her about joining the TPT seller's group. A small group of the newer sellers joined together to do the giveaway this time.

    2. Jen, I just looked at your store and it looks very nice Just contact Mrs Miracle and she can approve you for the group. :-)