Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Check out the $2 Tuesday Sale

I spend way too much when the music teachers have these sales. I am fortunate that I can join them for this one.

I just made a really fun and sweet Valentine Zombie music note pack.

It has music lines and notes posters and a worksheet.

This is one poster of the Music Notes and Spaces file.

It has motivating cards to give each student after they master their notes in the flashcard challenge or the Zombie Note attack Game.

It has Zombie note flash cards for a fun challenge.

It has Zombie recorder flash cards for a fun recorder challenge.

It also has a fun G-rated Zombie Note Attack game of both chance and skill that is fun for kids of all levels that includes the flash cards, plus cute Zombie Cards, and Action Cards. I sent a group of my top kids out with my written instructions and they figured it out on their own.

Zombie Note Attack Game

Page 1 Zombie cards

Page 1 of Action cards

My kids gave it a thumbs up after playing it! Enjoy! 

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