Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chinese New Year- Around the World

Newly Updated in December 2015

As part of my music around the world theme this year, I have spent some time for a couple of months looking up some things about the Chinese New year. I found a really fun, catchy, and simple to learn Chinese Song.

I found tons of fun facts and fun crafts that relate to the Chinese New Year. I made a Chinese New Year Chinese writing activity for the kids to trace, as well as a writing activity for elementary aged kids for writing about the New Year. I won't have time to do all of it this year, but I excited to do a few activities along with my curriculum.

The packet includes:

#1 Chinese New Year Packet
•  Suggestions of some books to read to younger and
   older students plus some more good websites with more information.
•  Chinese New Year lesson plan ideas
•  Book ideas and good websites for finding more
•  Facts about Chinese New Year in a list
•  Chinese New Year 15 Day layout
•  Music for “Gōng xǐ” with pronunciation plus 
   English Translation with a video link with clear 
   lyrics to help you learn music
•  A fun Chinese Happy New Year phrase writing
   activity for all ages in a large and smaller size.
•  Directions on how to make Chinese New Year
•  22 more ideas of arts and crafts you can do for
   Chinese New Year
•  Writing paper activity for both lower & upper 
    elementary level for the New Year- 2016-2020 in 
    color and BW plus directions with suggestions for
•  Music extra- “Gōng xǐ” for recorder

#2 Chinese New Year Maps and Icons Powerpoint

• A powerpoint of the China map and some famous 
      icons associated with it

#3 Chinese New Year Facts Power Point
• Powerpoint of many Chinese New Year facts

#4 Chinese New Year Music Power Point

• “Gōng xǐ” music and verses
• Music extra for Kodaly music: Solfa and rhythm for
  “Gōng xǐ”

#5 China 8 1/2 x 11 poster with pictures of

     common items associated with it.

#6 Chinese New Year JPEG's
• JPEG files of all items for printing or making a
  smart board for promethean flip chart