Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mozart- I found a perfect solution for my 6th graders

I have written before about reading the "Getting to know the World's Greatest Composers" series with my 6th graders.

I only read a little bit a day. I then ask questions. If they answer a question or do anything in class, such as sing a solo, they get a raffle ticket. I do a drawing at the end of class and three kids get laffy taffy's. It is amazing what they will do for a laffy taffy. I do this in 5th and 6th grade.

I use my learning target Exit card sometimes to write down some facts that they remember. They have learned so much!

Once that book was done, I started reading the Magic Flute book retold by Anne Gatti. I had them listen to some clips from the enclosed CD. It was okay, but it is in german, so it isn't that interesting. I had bought a DVD last year and never used it until today. It is the Metropolitan opera version of the Magic Flute conducted by James Levine and directed by Julie Taylor. WINNER!! It is in English and is wonderful. I will show them one scene a day. They were very quiet and engaged. :-)

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