Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Music Teacher Halloween Costumes

I tried last year and this year, to dress up in something that is related to music. Last year, I was the Farmer in the Dell. It was a big hit, even among the kids. Many of the older kids even "got" it. Make your own pieces or if you want some pre made pieces with other parts for centers Get it HERE.


Another year, I was going to be the Old Lady who swallowed the fly. I found a plain apron, bought an old lady wig for about $7 and a pair of glasses with no glass in them for $1 at the Halloween store. I made some visuals and safety pinned them to the apron. Not bad, although my husband is a bit freaked out about the old lady wig. Haha. Make your own pieces or get some I've made below. 

Get visuals  HERE.

Another costume my students loved is "Old Mother Witch". They LOVE the old mother with game and we use variations for every holiday. I wore a witch costume with a big penny. Huge hit. Make your own easily. If you want my fun visuals for it plus some new verses for other holidays, check out my pack.

Find lots of fun "Old Mother Witch" stuff here

Have a wonderful Halloween!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Looks Like and Sounds Like Behavior Managment

At a district music meeting, a lady who is our district liaison for the music teachers gave a presentation on behavior management that made sense. She said we should post something so the students know what it should look like and sounds like to come into class AND what it should look like and sound like when you leave class. I put this poster together, and I think it will give my students a clear ideas of expected behavior in my classroom.

The poster is 11 X 17 and the great thing is that I could print it out at Office Max on glossy cardstock for $1.25 a page. I printed out 2 of them, one for outside my door and one inside. I plan to laminate it for durability.

Get your poster HERE.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Around the World- Bate Bate, a new discovery

We do the chant Bate, Bate in first grade every year. I love how my hispanic kids come to life when they hear us saying or singing a song in Spanish and I love how my English speaking children adapt to the accent so easily and love to learn a new language.

It goes like this:

Bate, Bate, cho-co-la-te ( choh- coh- la- tay) (sitr, stir chocolate)
Con Arros y con to-ma-te (wth rice and tonatoes)
Uno, dos, tres, cho
Uno, dos, tres, co
Uno, dos, tres, la
Uno, dos, tres, te

They figure out pretty quickly that we are just saying the parts of Chocolate.

I then put up a picture on my promethean of hot chocolate with the words Cho-co-la-te and as a student goes up to the board, he or she points to the parts of the words while we say them. They love doing it and they love stirring during "bate" and showing the fingers for 1, 2, 3.

Well, I always ask if anyone has ever had this and about half of the kids put their hands up. They never seem to know what it is called though.

I finally looked it up online and found the answer on the website Mamalisa.

This is what someone said:

This is a rhyme about making mole, a stew with rice, tomatoes, meat and an unusual mix of spices and flavorings, including cocoa. When I teach it to my students, we also read the children’s book “Holy Mole,” the legend of how mole came to be. My students love the rhyme, game and book, since mole is considered quite a treat!

So I just ordered the book, "Holy Mole" and am excited to tell the students this folktale. I sure wish I could taste it!

Composer of the Month

I am really trying to bring the composer more to life for my 6th graders. We have talked about them bits here and there and have listened to various pieces throughout their years. In 6th grade, I am doing a composer a month.

For our first composer in September was Beethoven. I read them a little bit of the book "Ludwig Van Beethoven: Getting to know the World's Greatest Composers". I use my raffle tickets as they tell me things they have learned from our readings. (See the post about my raffle tickets and get a template for making them HERE. I tie it to my learning targets (see the post HERE.) I gave a test at the end with some questions about Beethoven and some blank line to write anything they could remember beyond those questions. Instead of making it a percentage, I gave them a raffle ticket for every piece of information they got right and have a separate container for a composer raffle, so their tickets wouldn't overwhelm the regular raffle container. We listened to the 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 9th symphonies The part with the choral singing of Ode to Joy, as well as the Moonlight Sonata, and Fur Elise. We also sang the English words of the Ode to Joy. It was part of our black belt on recorder in 5th grade, so they were already familiar with it. The 5th symphony was one of our extra belts on recorder as well, so those students who went beyond black belt were familiar with it already. Eventually, I'll make my composer tests available.

In October, I'm doing Mozart. I plan to do a special study of Mozart's Opera "the Magic Flute". I know they will really enjoy it.

In November, I plan to do Aaron Copeland. I had the hardest time finding this on Amazon. Strange. I plan to do the Fanfare of the common man and the Hoedown. 

In December, I am going to do Tchaikovsky and highlight the Nutcracker Ballet. I think I will also start George Friederick Handel and highlight the Messiah, since that is so popular in December. I love some of the youtube videos that kids can relate to.. I will find some to post eventually. 

More to come on my composers of the month. 

Box Tops for Education

I don't get the class donations that other teachers get, so I am always trying to think of ways I can get items for my classroom without spending money from the small amount a teacher in my state makes.

I always thought these were only for other teachers and finally realized I can collect them too. I am just beginning but first put out a note to my friends and neighbors that I am collecting them. There are a number of people who don't have anyone to give them to, so they don't collect them or they collect them just because they have always collected them.

Within just a couple of months, I have already collected over 600 boxtops. You get just a small amount for every one you collect but it adds up.

I also discovered that you can get boxtops from ordering online. Check it out here all products that have boxtops. Check out here places you can earn boxtops online.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

5th and 6th grade raffle

In 5th and 6th grade, I give out raffle tickets for musical things they do-- singing solos, answering questions, even singing the A-440 of the tuning fork. They eat it up, and I am amazed what they will do for a raffle ticket. I have a student of the day each day in each class. One of the things they do is give out raffle tickets as they sit on my VIP chair. You could even get some of your 6th graders to cut them out.

When they answer a question, a student quietly goes to the superhero of day as I call it this year because of my "superhero" theme. They get a pencil from one of my stations, quietly write their name on the ticket and put it into the container with a slot in the top for tickets. It has editable labels for putting each classroom teacher's name, plus editable raffle tickets for writing the classroom teacher's name on (better organization).

Usually either before we get up to do a game, a circle song, or at the end of the class, the person of the day picks about 3 raffle tickets and the students get a piece of candy from my bin. If your school won't allow candy, you could give other small prizes. I am amazed at what I can get out of them AND how much they learn because of the tickets. It is magic. Sometimes, if they do a song or game at the end of class really well, I do a couple more raffles as  reward.

EDIT: I now do my raffle at the beginning of class as they are coming in. My person of the day will draw 3 names. If you are just beginning this, you might want to do it several times throughout your lesson or at the end for more direct results, especially if dealing with a difficult class.

BTW- I bought the raffle containers in a 3 pack at walmart and just cut a slot in the top. I just put mailing tape over the label.