Friday, November 22, 2013

Ukulele- a Christmas book for beginners and anyone

I met Ryan Taylor in a Kodaly certification class. I was thinking about getting a grant for Ukulele's and was intrigued by his carrying of his ukulele everywhere he went. Surprisingly, I got a grant for $1350 to buy 30 ukulele's for my 6th graders. I went to Ryan's ukulele class to get some good tips. I really enjoyed it for a year and probably would have continued, but I am having to take 2 years of CMI math training at my school, which is taking up an extraordinary amount of time. After this year, it will be over, so I can probably join again.

I am excited to be going to a free ukulele workshop on Saturday with Ryan to check out his book. I'll report back. This wonderful review makes me very excited about it:

Review of Ryan Taylor's ukulele book.

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