Thursday, November 21, 2013

Japanese weather Telling Game Song

My third graders have been loving the Japanese Weather telling song and game. I love connecting the songs with a book and this is what makes it work well. I read them the book and they are entranced by this simple but lovely true story about a young girl in Japan who gets some new clogs and ruins them while playing the Japanese weather telling game. I love that she although she tries to trick her mom, she feels bad about it and promises herself she will never try to trick her mother again. It is win/win when there is a good message, a lovely song, AND a fun activity! 

I had a Japanese student who brought his own pair of "Geta" last year and the kids were so fascinated with it. The thing that has made this successful besides the book is using an eraser to play the weather telling game, as suggested by one of my colleagues. That way my clogs don't get ruined. The kids love it. 

This year, I went on and bought my own pair of Japanese clogs. It just brings the song and story to life to see a real pair. Mine are even red. They are used, but it doesn't matter. It helps the kids to imagine that they were used to play the Japanese weather telling game. The kids LOVE them and love passing them around to see if they match their size. I have two lines of students to make it go faster. We tally the snow, rain, and good weather on the white board. 

To play the game,  I use an eraser because I don't want to ruin my clogs that I bought. The kids put it on the top of their foot and kick it in the air. If it lands right side up, the next day's weather will be sunny. If it lands on its side, it will be rain. If it lands upside down, it will be snow. The kids at my school have really enjoyed this. I have done it in third grade, but you could do it in other grades too.

Grab this FREE full Japanese Weather Telling Song and Activity HERE. 

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  1. Hello,
    I am using the World Music unit purchased through your TPT store and the kids love it. I am finishing off with Japan and was wondering if you could give more information about the Japanese Weather Telling song and game.
    I really enjoy following your blog.

    Nancy Baxendale

    1. Nancy, so sorry I just got this message. Ideally, someone might use the japanese clogs. The kids kick them up and see which way they land. If it lands on the side, it predicts one kind of weather. If it lands right side up, it predicts another kind of weather. If it lands upside down, it predicts another kind of weather. I can't even remember it at the moment. I will write it down and post it here on Monday, as well as which weather is predicted by how it lands. I bought the japanese clogs, but I use an eraser for the kids to kick, so the clogs don't get ruined.