Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Music Teacher Halloween Costumes

I tried last year and this year, to dress up in something that is related to music. Last year, I was the Farmer in the Dell. It was a big hit, even among the kids. Many of the older kids even "got" it. Make your own pieces or if you want some pre made pieces with other parts for centers Get it HERE.


Another year, I was going to be the Old Lady who swallowed the fly. I found a plain apron, bought an old lady wig for about $7 and a pair of glasses with no glass in them for $1 at the Halloween store. I made some visuals and safety pinned them to the apron. Not bad, although my husband is a bit freaked out about the old lady wig. Haha. Make your own pieces or get some I've made below. 

Get visuals  HERE.

Another costume my students loved is "Old Mother Witch". They LOVE the old mother with game and we use variations for every holiday. I wore a witch costume with a big penny. Huge hit. Make your own easily. If you want my fun visuals for it plus some new verses for other holidays, check out my pack.

Find lots of fun "Old Mother Witch" stuff here

Have a wonderful Halloween!


  1. So adorable!! I wish the kids were allowed to dress up for Halloween at my school, I'd be all over that! :)

    1. It is a really fun day. Too bad they don't let them dress up!