Saturday, October 19, 2013

Around the World- Bate Bate, a new discovery

We do the chant Bate, Bate in first grade every year. I love how my hispanic kids come to life when they hear us saying or singing a song in Spanish and I love how my English speaking children adapt to the accent so easily and love to learn a new language.

It goes like this:

Bate, Bate, cho-co-la-te ( choh- coh- la- tay) (sitr, stir chocolate)
Con Arros y con to-ma-te (wth rice and tonatoes)
Uno, dos, tres, cho
Uno, dos, tres, co
Uno, dos, tres, la
Uno, dos, tres, te

They figure out pretty quickly that we are just saying the parts of Chocolate.

I then put up a picture on my promethean of hot chocolate with the words Cho-co-la-te and as a student goes up to the board, he or she points to the parts of the words while we say them. They love doing it and they love stirring during "bate" and showing the fingers for 1, 2, 3.

Well, I always ask if anyone has ever had this and about half of the kids put their hands up. They never seem to know what it is called though.

I finally looked it up online and found the answer on the website Mamalisa.

This is what someone said:

This is a rhyme about making mole, a stew with rice, tomatoes, meat and an unusual mix of spices and flavorings, including cocoa. When I teach it to my students, we also read the children’s book “Holy Mole,” the legend of how mole came to be. My students love the rhyme, game and book, since mole is considered quite a treat!

So I just ordered the book, "Holy Mole" and am excited to tell the students this folktale. I sure wish I could taste it!

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