Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Learning Targets

Our district has started to talk about posting your objectives or "targets" as they call them. Our beginning of the year district meeting was about it, and we will be studying the book, "Learning Targets" all year as a district. It is actually a pretty good book, and I am starting to understand how useful a learning target is.

I came up with something that will work for me. I made a heading for my music class, made labels for each grade and at the moment, am making I can statements using a free font named Schoolhouse Print. I got it from Pinterest. At the moment, I can't find it again. I might try using one of those white strips that you make big print on, laminating it and writing on it with write on wipe off markers. If I can store these strips, this could work. It might be too much effort, but it looks nice. This is not the best picture, but you'll get the idea. Also, I was working on getting a working chart, so I just got some ideas from random review lessons for each grade. I have two extra special education classes, thus the extra two names. Get my header and class numbers for FREE HERE. 

I have also included a second grade lesson plan (beginning of 2nd grade, so it is review) with targets for each activity, as well as the targets to print out. I only have room at this point to put one target per lesson for each grade, but I will tell the kid what my target is for each part.

Get my target header, grade level #'s, plus a sample (review) 2nd grade 
lesson with targets to print out Here.

EDIT: I have since put some of those writing strips schools have, taped them together and laminated them. I write my learning target in write on/wipe off marker in the morning and then wipe it off when I do a new one the next day. 

Evaluation of each target

They want us to evaluate each target. Most of it will be visual. I made a learning target card that I will laminate. It is two sided so you just fold it in half after you cut it out, and then glue it together. Kids will use vis a vie markers and will show it to me so I can see if they "got" it.

 Learning Target Exit Question Card

Get your card FREE HERE.

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