Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Learning Target Exit Card

Our district has been working on learning targets this year. They want us to have one target for language arts and one target for math. As a music teacher, they want me to have one posted target for major concept for each half hour lesson, even though we do several things during a half hour. They also want us to assess that target. Most of our assessment as a music teacher is visual. That works well when our target is having each student conduct in 4/4 time, but sometimes, we need to know that each individual student knows something, either in written words or in written music.

I have thought carefully about how to assess without making my life more difficult, having over 500 students. I first made an exit card square on cardstock that I would have to cut out. Since I often have 10 or 11 half hour classes a day and 25 to 30 students in each, that would be a lot of cutting and a lot of paper, not to mention a lot of time to look at and record.

I came up with an idea last night to make an exit card that is write on/wipe off card with one side that has a place for writing letters and the other side a place for writing music. I am using vis a vis markers and they can wipe it off with a damp paper towel. I used it this morning with two 6th grade classes, and it worked well. I taught a lesson on Beethoven, reading out of the book on Beethoven from the series "Getting to Know the World's Great Composers". I love that they make it so relatable to the kids.

My Target was: "I can give some facts about a famous composer". I told them they would be expected to write down some facts at the end of class. I read some pages, talking about the meaning of things as I went. After we read a few pages, I asked students to tell me some things about Beethoven. Some of them could tell me a many things. We did several other things in our half hour, but at the end of class, I had each row go to their station, (see my stations HERE.) get an exit card and a vis a vis marker. Each student wrote down a few things he or she remembered and then came by the sink to show me. I checked what they had written, and gave them a small damp paper towel. They then erased it, put their materials away, and got in line. It worked pretty well. Now I just need to record the targets I have assessed. This one was easy. Every students hit the target. Some targets may be a little harder, but if I write down which students didn't hit the target and then quickly record the rest who did, it shouldn't be too hard.

Get my 2 sided Exit Card here.

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  1. I love the wet erase idea for quick assessments! Great way to use the exit slip that way without ending up with stacks of paper! #fermatafridays

    1. Thanks for reading! It is a quick and easy way to assess!

  2. If you have a seating chart or list of their names, you can put a check by them or a code letter to quickly show how they did. I usually leave it blank if they get it and mark only the ones who didn't. Just an idea. I keep the class charts on a clip board for that day and store in a binder for the week.