Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Around the World First Day- Introducing the theme of Music Around the World

I am very excited to do my theme of Music Around the World. See a post about it HERE and HERE.

I plan to have my room set up like an airplane (thanks for an idea from my favorite mentor teacher), 3 seats on each side, with an aisle down the middle.  I will greet the kids with a welcome to Transworld Airlines (didn't we used to have an airline named that?) and ask them to be seated.

I have been watching Power Teacher (see videos HERE). I will talk about expected behavior on the plane and in class using my own behavior plan (you can get it free HERE).

After that, I will hand out their passports (go to my post about it above), will hand out pencils, and they will write their names on them and will put their passports under their chairs. I will talk briefly about our theme for the year and how it will work.

We will take off for Africa, I will show this video of a 4 year old playing djembe. See it HERE. As I show the video, I will give them a small cup of something to drink. ( I borrowed the librarian's cart to put my drinks on).

When we "land", I will collect passports and we will tell the story of Nyyangara the Python from "the Singing Sack". It is a great story with a lovely song. I changed the "beer" in the story to "drink".

After the story, we will learn the song Tue, Tue (We will at least do the first part of the game with the clapping. We will then return home and class will be over. On the way back home, I will show a short clip of children's Wagago music. I will only have them listen to a short clip. See it HERE.

We end after we "land" and collect their passports.

UPDATE: After I spent a day with my first day classes, I wanted to add that I had 2nd through 6th graders today. It went well with all kids, even the 2nd graders, but they were very tired since they are not used to being at school, and I think I will try a song that is even more active for 1st and 2nd grade. I never do my yearly theme with the Kindergarteners. We do other things.

Motions for Tue Tue

One more thing, on Tue Tue, I pat legs twice, clap hands twice, then pat air twice (in later verses, you will be patting partners' hands). On the very last patting, you do the rhythm.

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