Monday, May 27, 2013

My Teacher toolbox

I really need to get organized so I don't waste time fumbling for or looking for things.

I saw a teacher toolbox on pinterest:

She printed onto patterned paper. She got her Stack-22 at Lowes. I went to Home depot and found the same brand. Her box was around $16. After seeing that the Stack 39 was only a few dollars more ($19.96), I bought it so I could include my regular recorder belts and beads. Soon, I'll write about my full recorder program and post a picture of my box for the extra belts. If you look further down on her post, she shows that she painted her box a bright color. Check out her directions if you want your box to be brightly colored. 

I have been using one file crate for my regular recorder belt yarn and beads and one for my extra belt yarn and beads and although it has helped me stay organized, I think the drawers will work even better. This box has drawers for many basic supplies I use plus drawers for my regular recorder belts and beads.  This is box I bought:

Get your teacher toolbox labels here:

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